Denicol Lab – Spring of 2023

Anna Denicol, DVM MPVM PhD

Principal Investigator

Montana D. Altman, MS, PhD student.

Intracellular signaling by prolactin in cattle carrying the SLICK1 allele of the PRLR.

Embryonic genome activation.

Rachel Braz Arcanjo, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar.

Embryonic stem cells; fetal and in vitro gametogenesis.

Ramon C. Botigelli, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar.

Embryonic stem cells and in vitro gametogenesis.

Juliana Candelaria, MS, PhD candidate.

Preantral folliculogenesis and differentiation of the bipotential gonad; 3-D follicle culture systems using biomimetic hydrogels.

Carly Guiltinan, PhD candidate.

Pluripotency states of embryonic stem cells, PGC specification in the embryo and in vitro gametogenesis. Single cell RNA sequencing of the embryo and fetal ovary.

Tom Jara, M.S. student.

Myogenic and adipogenic differentiation of bovine ESC; embryonic differentiation of the paraxial and pre-somitic mesoderm.

Stephanie McDonnell, PhD candidate.

Roles of Connexin 37 in cellular communication during preantral folliculogenesis.

Amanda Morton, MS, PhD student

Roles of FSH signaling in preantral folliculogenesis.

Justin Smith

Staff Research Associate

Gloria Becerra-Cortes, Undergraduate student intern

Major: Animal Biology


Athena Alexandra Millett, Undergraduate student intern

Major: Genetics and Genomics

Chloe Palarca-Wong, Undergraduate student intern

Major: Animal Science

Liang-Yun Chu,  Undergraduate student intern

Major: Animal Science

Amrita Chennapragada, Undergraduate student intern

Major: Wildlife and Fish Conservation